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Δευτέρα, 7 Μαΐου 2012

"If" Rules of Life

If you care ~ show it.
If you don't care ~ learn to.

If it's important to you ~ do it.
If you say it ~ mean it.

If you start something ~ finish it.
If you can't finish it ~ let someone know.

If you drop it ~ pick it up.
If you use it ~ put it back.

If you sleep in it ~ make it.
If it's dirty ~ wash it.

If it's untidy ~ tidy it up.
If it's open ~ close it.

If it's broken ~ fix it.
If you can't fix it ~ tell someone.

If it's empty ~ fill it up.
If you use the last of it ~ replace it.

If it's not yours ~ leave it alone.
If it barks ~ don't ignore it.

If it's hungry ~ feed it.
If they are your elders ~ respect them.

If it's enjoyable ~ do it often.
If it's not your business ~ keep out of it.

                                           ~ Dark Blue Knight ~