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Δευτέρα, 15 Δεκεμβρίου 2014

History of Christmas Star.

                                                     ★ History of Christmas Star  ★
The Star we place at the top of our Christmas Tree represents the Star of the East mentioned in the Bible.
It shown so brightly on the night of Jesus' birth that the three Wisemen followed its glow to Bethlehem where they worshipped our newborn King.
This symbol is used in Christian tradition everywhere.

 Even though the stars we see each night are the same stars that filled the sky on the night of Jesus' birth, the scientific community and religious skeptics continually try to logically explain the Star of Bethlehem's appearance.

The three Wise men followed the Star for weeks as they searched for Jesus.
And even though the exact moment of His birth is not known, modern-day astronomers cannot place the appearance of a new star within a calculated time frame.

Many people still prefer to believe the star was a part of the great miracle that occurred that holy night.
Throughout the Christian world, the holiday to celebrate His birth begins with the appearance of the first star on Christmas Eve.

As a representation of high hopes, high ideals, hope for good fortune, the Star holds a special heavenly meaning for all.
This makes it the perfect universal symbol of Christmas.

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